FOI Request - Software & License Management

Request 101000278629

I am carrying out some research and accordingly request the following under the Freedom of Information Act:

1.      Since 1 January 2013, has any software company exercised their contractual rights to, or otherwise requested, an audit of the use of their software in your organisation?

2.      Was the request made in 2013 or 2014?

3.      Did they use an external consultant or license management company to carry out such audit?
If so, which company:
a.      License Management Services
b.      Other (please specify)

4.      Did the audit result in a demand in respect of:
a.      Under-licensing; and/or
b.      Arrears of support and maintenance?

5.      Did your organisation negotiate with the software vendor to reduce the figure?

6.      If so, what %ge reduction was obtained from the vendor's first demand:
a.      None
b.      1-10%;
c.      11-25%
d.      26-50%
e.      More than 50%?

7.      If any payment was made to regularise the situation, was the amount:
a.      Zero
b.      Less than £50,000
c.      £50,000 to £100,000
d.      £100,00 to £250,000
e.      £250,000 to £500,000
f.       £500,000 to £1m;
g.     £1m to £2m;
h.      £2m to £5m
i.       Above £5m?

8.      Was the software vendor involved:
a.      Oracle
b.      SAP
c.      SAS
d.      PeopleSoft;
e.      IBM
f.       Microsoft;
g.     Sybase
h.      Adobe
i.       Other? (please specify)

9.      In dealing with the software vendor, did your organisation rely on:
a.      In-house counsel
b.      External solicitors;
c.      A firm of accountants;
d.      License management specialists
e.      Other consultants
f.       None of the above.

10.   What is:
a.      The name of your CTO/CIO; and
b.      The email address of your CTO/CIO?

Response 17-09-2014

1. Yes

2. 2013

3. Licence Management Company

4. a. Under licensing

5. yes

6. e. more than 50%

7. b. less than £50,000

8. f. Microsoft

9. f. None of the above

10. a. The Head of HR and ICT Services is Denise Whitworth
b. The email address of the Head of HR and ICT Services is

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