FOI Request - Corporate Parenting Training

Request 101000276507

1. Have you conducted Corporate Parenting Training with your staff/members.
(i) If yes how many sessions and people have been trained?
(ii)If no, when do you plan to carry this out in the future?

2. Who delivered this Corporate Parenting Training?

3. How do you intend to carry out your Corporate Parenting duties as specified in the Children and Young Peoples Act 2014?

4. Have there been any strategic decisions made to determine how you will exercise your Corporate Parenting duties?

5. Have looked after children and young people been involved in the discussions and development of local Corporate Parenting strategies? If so how?

6. Is there a named person in your organisation as lead for Corporate Parenting? If so, who?

Response 20-08-2014

1. (i) 2 sessions were held at least two years ago, exact numbers of staff are not recorded.

(ii) Further training scheduled for 25 September 2014.

2. 1st session - representative from Scottish Government, 2nd session - Who Cares?.  Who Cares? is also scheduled to undertake September 2014 training.

3. Formation of a Corporate Parenting Board through the Community Planning Partnership.

4. Children & Young People’s Partnership have agreed the Moray Children and Young People’s service Plan 2013-16, they have still to agree the changes in relation to creating the Corporate Parenting Board in addition to reaffirming the position of the Corporate Parenting Co-ordinating Group.

5. Early formation of the concept of a champions board: -Initial meeting took place in January 2014 with further meetings held recently in July 2014 and there are further planned.

6. Jennifer Gordon

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