FOI Request - Road Maintenance Contracts

Request 101000275051

Can you please provide details of all contracts that your authority holds for the provision of road maintenance. This should cover planned and unplanned maintenance. For each contract please state: -

•         Start date
•         End date
•         Duration plus extension options
•         Current holder
•         Estimated current annual value (£million)
•         Description of services included in the contract

If the services are provided by your own in-house DLO please state that is the case.

If any of the contracts are due to expire in the next three months can you provide details for the new contract.

Response 04-09-2014

  12/0037 Carriageway Recycling 13/0094 Road Markings Works
Start Date 03/09/2012 02/06/2014
End Date 03/09/2014 01/04/2016
Duration plus extension options 24 months (possible 3 month extension) 22 month (possible 12 month extension)
Current Holder Colas Ltd Central Traffic Management
Estimated Annual Value £100K £56.9K
Description of services included in the contract The works comprise insitu cold recycling, to a depth of 75mm, of bitumen bound roads throughout Moray over an area of approximately 24,620 sq.m. The recycled material shall be The provision and application of Sprayed and/or Extruded Road Markings, Coloured Markings, High Friction Surfacing and Roads Studs
Please note that the value quoted is that at the time of the award.

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