FOI Request - Direct Payment Funding

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I am writing to make a freedom of information request relating to the funding provided to Direct Payment recipients by the council.  If, as a council, you are not responsible for social care services in your area I would greatly appreciate confirmation of this in a brief response.  

In the interest of clarity, when I refer to Direct Payment recipients, I refer specifically to adults and children (and their families) in receipt of a Direct Payment from the council to meet their assessed care needs.  Furthermore my request refers specifically to people using their Direct Payment from the council to employ their own carer/personal assistant(s).  I will refer to this group as Direct Payment (DP) employers.

DP employers are required by law to purchase employers liability insurance which is (in most cases) funded by the council.

1. Does the council currently provide funding for DP employers to cover employers liability insurance?

2. If yes, please could you confirm if the money, allocated to each DP employer to cover their insurance     requirements is capped or limited to a certain amount?

3. If this figure is capped or limited please could you confirm the maximum allocation provided by the council?

4. If a DP employer chooses to spend more than the allocated or capped amount, can they choose to top this up with their own money and purchase a more expensive policy?

5. Is the local authority currently contracted to an insurance provider to cover the insurance needs of its DP employers?

Response 02-09-2014

1. The Moray Council provides funding to cover employers liability insurance, we would put in the initial cost of the insurance for the first year's premium, and then put the renewal cost into the DP bank account in weekly instalments to ensure that there is sufficient funding in the account when the renewal is due the next year.

2. The amount of funding allocated to each person for insurance per year is £135, at present we only use one insurance company to provide employers liability insurance and we meet the full cost of that.  To date we have never had a request for individuals to use another company.

3. The maximum that we currently allocate as mentioned above is £135.00.

4. At present this has never arisen with Moray service users, we currently use a company called FISH to provide the cover and they provide two levels of cover, a basic cover and full cover.  The Moray Council provides funding for the full cover and therefore the issue of people upgrading the insurance to a higher level has never been requested.  

5. We do not have a direct contract with FISH, however, all our Direct Payment recipients use this company due to the positive experience we have had over many years with them.

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