FOI Request - Zero Hour Contracts

Request 101000271327

I'd like to submit a freedom of information request please.

How many 'zero hour contracts' does your council currently have for employees working for your council?
How many such contracts has your council ever had, broken down by year?
In each case, what area of work with the council was the contracted employee in?

Response 06-08-2014

We can provide a “snapshot” of this information but, as we don’t record or report stats on zero hour contracts, we cannot provide information for previous years.

Figures at 27/06/14 showed there were 827 people employed on a zero hours contract at that time.  “Zero hours” contract means “relief”.  There is no obligation on either the Council to offer hours nor the individual to accept any offer of hours.  In addition, the Council does not operate “exclusivity” clauses.

80% of the employees worked within Education and Social Care, and 20% within Environmental Services.

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