FOI Request - Children in Foster Care

Request 101000270257

1. The number of children currently in foster care.

2. The number of children waiting a foster place or waiting to be moved when a place becomes available.

3. The number of available foster places you currently have.

4. The number of foster carers you have and how many foster households that represents.

5. The number of people currently going though the application process to be foster carers.

6. The number of foster carers you currently require and the council's preferred total number.

7. What facilities you have in place for to look after children who need to be fostered but do not currently have a placement.

8. The budget for foster care in the last financial year and what the spend was.

Response 20-08-2014

1. 81 in local authority placements.   19 Moray children with independent fostering agencies (some in permanent placements).

2. 5 children in independent placements or residential waiting for an appropriate local resource.

3. 7 full time available and 10 short break spaces available.

4. 105 carers 59 households

5. 3

6. The number of carers we have remains more or less static over the years.  This accounts for retiring families and new ones coming on board. Preferred number around 60.

7. Families are supported in the community by social work teams and voluntary agencies.  If children cannot be supported at home and we do not have local authority placements we utilise independent providers and residential facilities.

8. Total Budget including staff  costs -£1,543,882   Total spend - £1,573,116.82

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