FOI Request - Finance & Planning Budgeting

Request 101000270081

1) The name of the most senior financially focused employee at the organisation (eg Director of Finance, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer etc) and the deputy.

2) The name of your General  Ledger software (eg Agresso, Oracle Financials, SAP)

3) Is your General Ledger application hosted internally or remotely (eg at the software vendors site or via an outsource partnership)

4) The name of the person who oversees the development of annual budgeting/planning review process

5) The name of the application used for Financial Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting  (eg a specific Planning application such as TM1, or simply Excel)

6) The approximate number of budget holders who contribute to the planning review process.

Response 20-08-2014

1. Mark Palmer, Corporate Director (Corporate Services); Margaret Wilson, Head of Financial Services (section 95 officer).

2. Cedar (CFACS) version E.5.3

3. Internally.

4. The Corporate Management Team (CMT). It is not one individual.

5. Excel is used together with the Financial Management System.

6. Approximately 200 budget managers contribute to the planning review process with their contributions co-ordinated through the 10 Heads of Service.

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