FOI Request - Religion in Schools

Request 101000270061

1.Can you tell me please, for each school in the council area, if its assembly includes prayer or any Christian elements. If not, approximately when was it decided to remove Christian elements from assembly? Which elements were removed and why?

2.For each school, can you tell me if Easter and Christmas are celebrated? Also, for each school separately, can you please list the religious festivals which have been observed or learned about in school.

3.Are Christian children able to wear crosses in each school under the uniform policy? And are Muslim children able to wear headscarves? What are the uniform rules regarding religious dress?

4.At council schools, are children allowed to be excluded from certain school activities for religious reasons? If so, can you please tell me what activities children are excluded from, at which schools and why?

Response 11-09-2014

The information you require can be found here.

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