FOI Request - Contaminated Land Searches

Request 101000269384

We are a small environmental consultancy. We would like to be able to order contaminated land and other environmental searches from your Authority. We have tried to find information on how your Authority deals with environmental enquiries on your website but have been unable to. Therefore I would be grateful if you would provide answers to the following questions as soon as possible.

Q1) How much does your Authority charge for a Part 2A Status Report? A Part 2A Status Report would be a letter similar to the attached that a client can use after having obtained a "failed" or "further information required" assessment from one of the commercial environmental search report providers.

Q2) Is your Authority able to provide a Contaminated Land screen report similar to the attached report (i.e. a map and list of the property and any potential contaminated land sites within 250m)? If  so how much do you charge for this. Could you please send us a sample report?

Q3) Is there a limit to the property size for the prices stated above?

Q4) Do you charge differently for residential and commercial searches? If so how much do you charge for a commercial property

Q5) What is the turnaround time for environmental information requests (i.e. providing each of the reports referred to in Q1 and Q2)?

Q6) Please provide the following contact information to enable us to send orders to you.
•  Contact Name to which orders/requests should be addressed
•  Email to which orders/requests should be sent
•  Contact telephone number in case of any queries relating to orders
•  If payment is required please specify how we would pay for the searches. We would prefer to open an account with you if possible. If not please specifiy if you have an electronic payment method available (i.e. online or telephone credit card). Alternativey if by cheque, the please specify the address to which any cheques would need to be sent

Response 13-08-2014

1. We currently do not issue reports in this form however, we can provide them in future, although the wording will need to be agreed with our legal services section. The proposed charged for this service is £28 plus VAT.

2. We do not currently produce anything in this form but can modify our existing Contamination Enquiry Report into a similar format. However, the contamination database does not hold full information on planning history. Information on site investigations etc held in relation to planning applications is stored in relation to contaminant sources and will be presented accordingly. The wording of the report will need to be agreed with the legal services section. The proposed charge for this report is £56 plus VAT.

3. No, but within reason. Commercial enquiries for larger sites with numerous sources will only be accepted on the basis of an hourly rate for the relevant member of staff.

4. No, but see answer to Q3.

5. This is subject to availability of staff, and the degree of work involved, but typically would be one working day for the status report and up to two working days for the screening report.

6. Contaminated Land Officer, 01343 563162 - payment on invoice

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