FOI Request - Arts and Artefacts

Request 101000269093

I write to request details of council arts under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Under the section Heritage Assets in your annual statement of accounts, there is mention of arts and artefacts which are not usually referred to in the local list, or accounted for due to the cost of obtaining specific expert valuations.

I would like to receive the following:

A) An itemised breakdown of the art and artefacts owned by the council- with necessary details such as artist/maker.
B) A list of art and artefacts acquired by the council since 2010 with an indication of whether it was a donation, or if purchased, please include the price paid.
C) A list of art and artefacts the council has sold since 2010, with the sold price and an indication of the purchaser i.e. overseas/domestic private collector, museum, etc.

Under A, whilst I appreciate the exact values may be unknown as the cost of expert advice may be considered an unnecessary expense in the current climate, could you please include the insurance value of the items. If an individual breakdown isn't possible, an estimate of the insurance value of the whole collection would be acceptable.

Again, I am only interested in arts and artefacts, not buildings or other locations to be included in a local list.

Response 25-07-2014

A) The artwork held by the museums service, including the civic collections, amounts to just over 1,000 works, including items from the Peter Anson collection. Museum artefacts, including paintings, are listed in the museum catalogue on the Moray Council's website at

In addition those works in oil are available at  as part of the Public Catalogue Foundation initiative.

The libraries service has a loan collection of works by local artists.  These are listed within the library catalogue available on the council's website at

For security reasons we do not list the value or location of items held in storage but the cost of insuring artworks is £2008.40

B) No art or artefacts have been purchased since 2010.

C) No items have been sold since 2010.

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