FOI Request - Road Reports Reiket Lane Elgin

Request 101000268639

We would be obliged to receive a copy of your inspection, maintenance and repairs records for Reiket Lane, Elgin IV30 for the period from 1 March 2010 to 31 March 2012, in particular the area close to 87 Pinefield Crescent.

Response 31-07-2014

I have attached 2 reports which contain the information requested.

The ‘101000268639 – RMS Report’ contains details of all works instructions raised between 01/03/10 and 01/04/12 (please ignore inspection dates within this report as they are out-with the requested date range).

The ‘101000268639 – Roads Db Report’ contains the dates of all safety inspections carried out on Reiket Lane between 01/03/10 and 01/04/12.  The carriageway was inspected monthly while the footways were inspected annually.  Further information regarding our safety inspection regime can be found within the RAMP Lifecycle Plans which are available online here.

101000268639 - RMS Report

101000268639 - Roads Db Report

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