FOI Request - Piping/chanter & Highland Drumming

Request 101000268136

1.(a) Can you tell me, in the last academic year 2013/14 did your authority offer lessons in  piping/chanter and highland drumming in your primary and secondary schools on the same basis as other musical instrument instruction in your schools?

(b) If not why not?

2. How many pupils received instruction in a) chanter/pipes b) highland drumming in your schools?

3. How many pipe tutors do you employ?

4. How many highland drumming tutors do you employ?

5. Approximately how many pupils received musical instrument tuition in all your schools?

Response 23-07-2014

1a. No

b.These instruments are not available for tuition.  Information on music tuition budgets can be seen here.

2. None

3. None

4. None

5. 850

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