FOI Request - Pre 1996 Tenancy Size Criteria

Request 101000268054

1. How many tenants who are or have been subject to the social sector size criteria in the local authority area would fall to be exempt from the social sector size criteria because they have a pre-1996 tenancy and have been continuously in receipt of Housing benefit since 01.01.1996 as defined by DWP in HB Bulletin U1/2014.

2. What has been the cost to the local authority of the exemption?

3. What has been the cost of implementing the spare-room subsidy removal to the local authority?

Response 05-08-2014

1.  25

2.  Anyone who was classed as under-occupying that turned out to be wrong (the 'pre-96' cases), and then paid were claimed as subsidy via the DWP. The only cost to TMC was identifying the cases! Tenants rent accounts were credited where appropriate.

3.  We estimated that around £4,000 of arrears in 2013/14 were attributable to the under-occupancy charge.

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