FOI Request - School Dinners - Halal Meat

Request 101000267039

This is a Freedom of Information request to ask if the school serves halal meat to children in their school dinners.

1. If so, is the halal meat just served on request to children who request halal meals or more widely?

2. If it is served more widely, are all meals using halal meat clearly labelled as containing the meat?

3. Can you tell me how the halal meat was sourced? Is it the case that the animals are stunned before they are killed or are they not stunned? Or does the council not know whether the animals providing the halal meat are stunned?

4. Also has the council carried out any investigation into whether horse meat was inadvertently served in school canteens? If so can you tell me which schools served horse meat and over what period, as well as where the horse meat was sourced from?

Response 21-07-2014

We do not currently serve halal meat.

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