FOI Request - Temporary or Permanent Foster Care

Request 101000266363

1. A breakdown of the number of children currently in temporary or permanent foster care from the local authority area who have had to be placed out with their local authority area for the past five years.

2. A breakdown of these placements by gender and age group for the past five years.

3. The total cost broken down by year of keeping these children in placements out with the local authority area (both placements that have finished over the past five years and ongoing)

4. The cost of these placements in relation to length of time they were held for and the cost of that duration

5. A breakdown of placement where the children have had additional needs and the cost of these placements as well as duration.

Response 05-08-2014

1.  14 children have had an out of area placement address within the last five years.

2.  There were 8 males and 6 females

     Age ranges are:  0 - 4  3 children; 5 - 10 years 4 children and 11 - 16 years is 7 children

3. - 5.

We are unable to provide responses to questions 3,4,5, as this data is not held on relevant filing systems and would have to be extracted by opening each file. This would then have to be collated, totalled and presented in a format that essentially creates new data.

This is therefore exempt under S17b, information not held. In addition, the time this operation would take would result in a charge being levied in accordance with FOI(S)A guidelines for local authorities.

However, I have attached a recent committee report that provides totals for all out-of-area placements and additional resource packages, hopefully this will assist.

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