FOI Request - Advertising/Sponsorship on Lamp Posts

Request 101000265740

1. Do you allow banner advertising/sponsorship on lamp posts?
• If so do you allow advertising or purely non-commercial basis i.e. council ads?
• If you only have council messages would you are interested in generating revenue as well and who would we contact.

2. Do you have any contracts in place for purely production and install of banners & brackets etc.?

• If you have purely for internal messages what are you paying per panel / banner for production and install if this?

How much money does the Council spend on them annually?  Please breakdown by panel?

3. Are you interested in significant savings for a better product if so who would we contact?

4. Do you have any current contract in place?

• If so who with, when did it start and when does it finish?
• Who manages the contract internally?  
• Please clarify if the council gets any other benefits from having these.
5. How much revenue has been generated out of any contract in the last 12 months and at what percentage has the council received revenue share?

Response 04-08-2014

1.  Previously yes

  • Only Council promotional events at particular locations.
  • No. This would be contrary to Council’s policy on roadside advertising       

2.  No

3.  No

4.  No

5.  None

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