FOI Request - Contract Award 12/S 48-78402/EN

Request 101000264960

I write to you in relation to a contract you awarded.
OJEU Ref: 12/S 48-78402/EN  Contract title: Maintenance Glazing Contract 2012/2015
Publication date of the award: 3/9/2012

In accordance with s.1 of the act, which provides a general right of access to information held by public authorities, I wish to receive the following information:

1. A copy of the list of (un)successful tenderers (company names) and the scorecard for all bidders (including winner)

I request that any personal data relating to individuals is removed before this information is sent. Should the scorecards be unavailable I would request that the list of unsuccessful applicants only be submitted.

This information will be used only for RESEARCH purposes in gaining furthering understanding of the market to assist me in my studies and is not accessible by other means. This request will not affect the commercial interests of Moray Council or any third party suppliers.

Response 01-08-2014

In response to the FOI request please find detailed below a list of the successful/unsuccessful contractors along with the questions asked within the contract documentation for the quality criteria. I have attached the quality cost matrix showing all the quality scores for the contractors but hidden and password protected the tender costs as I consider these to be commercially sensitive.

LOT 1 (BUCKIE/KEITH AREA)    Successful Contractor - Coastal Glazing Services
Unsuccessful Contractor - Pinefield Glass
Unsuccessful Contractor - Moray Glass (tender rejected as no quality submission provided)

LOT 2 (SPEYSIDE AREA) Successful Contractor -  Pinefield Glass
Unsuccessful Contractor - Moray Glass (tender rejected as no quality submission provided)

LOT 3 (ELGIN/FORRES AREA) Successful Contractor -  Pinefield Glass
Unsuccessful Contractor - Moray Glass (tender rejected as no quality submission provided)


1. Provide a list of min 8 projects ideally completed within the past 5 years, together with named Client contact, phone and fax number.  The works should ideally be of a similar nature to the project advertised and of a comparable value.  If you have carried out work for The Moray Council within the past 5 years please state this.  Your performance will be evaluated from historic records on a related project at our discretion.  On this basis, you should provide a list of min 5 relevant projects completed for external Clients.  Three external projects (two where previous work noted with The Moray Council) will be selected at random and references will be requested from the relevant Client contacts based on 6 standard questions as follows (every answer for each project will be rated out of a possible 5 marks).
                     (90 Marks)

a. How would you rate the quality of workmanship on the specific project noted?

b. How would you rate the standard of site organisation and health and safety awareness?

c. Did the Contractor achieve handover by the original or extended completion date?

d. What was the Contractor’s attitude relating to team working with the Client on problem solving?

e. What was the Contractor’s performance on making good defects timeously?

f. How would you rate the Contractor on financial matters generally and ease of Final Account settlement?

Note:  it is the Contractor’s responsibility to provide correct Client contact names and numbers, who will be able to provide a reference reply.  If reference replies are not received within reasonable timescale, this will be reported back to the Contractor for action in the first instance, or the tender may be invalidated.

2. Provide your proposed team structure for the project advertised, which should include the named Contracts Manager, Project QS, Site Manager and anticipated number of directly employed site operatives within each trade.  Include current CVs for all named personnel.
(10 marks)

3. a. Confirm how your company has historically handled emergency callouts (within 24 hours) on a project
of this nature in Moray.
(30 marks)

b. Describe, in detail, the steps you have taken when carrying out glazing installation works including specific reference to codes and standards applicable.
(10 marks)

c. Describe, in detail, the Health & Safety requirement you have taken when carrying out glazing works with specific reference to Codes of Practice and standard applicable
                                                                                                                                                                            (10 marks) TOTAL 150 MARKS

Quality Cost Matrix can be found below

Quality Cost Matrix

Quality Cost Matrix 1

Quality Cost Matrix 2

Quality Cost Matrix 3

Quality Cost Matrix 4

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