FOI Request - Kerbside & Recycling Services

Request 101000264957

I hereby request copies of the following records:

1.        Please provide details of the kerbside and HWRC recycling service the Council provides including;

a.        Who collects and/or owns the recyclables;
b.        How the recyclables are collected (including the type of the container they are collected in);
c.        What happens to them after collection, including details of any bulking stations, and end re-processors;
d.        How many households are using the current scheme;
e.        How often is collection (both residual and dry scheme);

2.        Please provided details of the contracts in place for the recycling services, including;

a.        Start date, termination date, any extensions available;
b.        Company;
c.        Revenue.
3.        If the Council operates a Material Recovery Facility, please provide;

a.        Input material details
b.        Capacity
c.        Current capacity utilisation
4.        Does the Council require the materials collected for recycling to be recycled in the UK?

5.        Does the Council have any plans to change the current collection system or materials collected?
6.        Please provide contact details of the Councillor whose portfolio includes waste management and recycling.
7.        Please provide contact details of the Council employee responsible for managing the waste management and recycling contracts.

8.        Please send minutes of any meetings at which the Council discussed current or future recycling and/or waste management services within the last 12 months. If this is not possible then a link to the minutes is sufficient.

Response 31-07-2014

1a  The Moray Council

1b  Kerbside segregated collection using prevalently wheeled bins - 240l - residual; 240l - biowaste; 140l - paper; 140l - plastic bottles/mixed cans; 38l box - glass bottles

1c  All material is taken to our transfer station in Elgin for bulking up prior to onward transport to the locations below in 2.

1d  Full coverage 43285 houses

1e  Alternate fortnightly for residual and biowaste, fortnightly dry recyclates

2.  Material                      Company                  Contract Ends          Possible Extension

Glass                          MKD32                    Ongoing       

Paper & Card            Saica Natur UK Ltd   Sep 14                    1 year

Plastics                      Saica Natur UK Ltd    Sep 14                    1 year

Green/Food               Keenan Recycling       Mar 14                    Under review

Aluminium Cans        Novelis UK Ltd          Ongoing       

Steel Cans                Williamsons Ltd          Ongoing       

We are currently assessing new Scotland Excel Dry Recyclate framework contract in terms of best value for future contacts

Overall revenue from sales of material for 2013/14 was £376k

3a  Mixed plastic bottles (types 1 & 2) and mixed cans.

3b  5t per day

3c  8t per day

4.  Only where practicable

5.  No

6.  Cllr John Cowe, Chair of Economic Development & Infrastructure Services 

7.  Steve Williamson, Waste Management Officer


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