FOI Request - Trading Standards re Traders

Request 101000262866

1.            How many complaints have been made to you regarding homeopathic remedies or services in the past 3 years?

2.            Please list the traders against whom complaints have been made and the number of complaints made against each.

3.            Please provide a breakdown of the categories in which these complaints were made.

4.            Please specify the outcomes of these complaints broken down by type of enforcement action taken, if any.

5.            Was enforcement action taken against a single trader on more than one occasion?  If so, please list these traders and specify how many times they have been the subject of enforcement action and the type of enforcement action that was taken.

6.            Do you have a written policy that would be applicable to homeopathic treatments?  If so, please provide a copy.

Response 03-07-2014

1.  There have been 2 complaints.

2.  Complaint details of individual companies come to Trading Standards in exercise of its duties as a General Enforcer under Part 8 of the Enterprise Act 2002. The disclosure of such “specified information” is prohibited under section 237 of the Enterprise Act 2002 and is exempt from disclosure under section 26 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) 2002 Act.

3.  The complaints were categorised as ‘Unfair Business Practice’ and ‘Labelling’

4.  There has been no enforcement action on homeopathic remedies or services.

5.  There has been no enforcement action.

6.  We do not have specific policy on homeopathic treatments. The enforcement policy applies to all Trading Standards actions.

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