FOI Request - Sustainability Policy - Schools

Request 101000262447

How your sustainability policy is enforced; and specifically, whether schools in your authority are allowed to make their own purchasing decisions, or whether these decisions have to be referred and checked for sustainability.

If decisions have to be referred and checked, please can you tell me when this policy came into force.

Response 02-07-2014

Moray Council does not have a sustainability policy but we have internal high level corporate social responsibility targets (which includes sustainable issues) based on our Single Outcome Agreement.  Sustainability issues are considered during the development of a contract tender and built into the specification.  All tenders are developed jointly by Departmental lead officers and the procurement team.

We operate a centralised buying team through which all schools purchases are processed but they are not checked for sustainability at that stage.  Wherever possible all requisitions raised are satisfied via a contract arrangement and as such sustainability would have been consider prior to the purchasing process. Checking for sustainability issues at the purchase stage is usually too late in the process hence the focus at the start of any tender development.

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