FOI Request - Public Bodies (Joint Working) Act 2014

Request 101000262370

In order to improve your services and best inform disabled people on the integration, we ask you to answer the following questions. These questions are based on local authority duties contained in the Public Bodies (Joint Working) Act 2014 (the Act):

1. What is the proposed integration model/structure in your area?

2. How do you propose to consult on the changes?

3. What structures are you developing to engage with service users?

4. What have you developed in terms of “shadow integration authorities” as part of the Act?

5. Who will you consult with in terms of establishing the shadow integration authority and have you considered plans for engagement?

6. We want to advise disabled people in your area. What further local information can you provide us with that will help ensure that service users in your area engage with you now

Response 23-07-2014

1.Body corporate. Scope is adults and older people

2. We will develop a consultation plan, deliver public information events, and support consultation responses to be made either online or by post.

3. We have an overarching Project Initiation Document (PID) for the development of the Moray Integration Scheme. This details the work of 5 work stream sub groups and a Transitional Leadership Group to give strategic direction in terms of the development of the plan. The Transitional Leadership Group has a member of the Patient Participation Forum (PPF) as a member of the Group and 4 of the 5 work stream groups have either a member of the PPF or the Older Peoples Reference Group as participants. In addition, service user representatives have also been involved in co-producing the draft vision, principles and values statement for Moray.

4. A Transitional Leadership Group has been established and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been developed. This has been agreed by The Moray Council and is due to be submitted for consideration by the NHS Grampian Board in August. The MOU represents the a stage in the development of the Integrated Joint Board where strategic decisions can be made with the support of the parent bodies.

5. Our minimum requirement will be the prescribed groups outlined in the draft regulations and standing orders. However, we intend that our consultation approach will be characterised by a high level of engagement with people who use our services.

6. We have actively engaged with the following service user groups-Moray Resource Centre, Older Peoples Reference Group, Patient Participation Form and the Moray Community Planning Engagement Group. We also have representation from disabled people or people who use our services on work stream sub groups. These groups are tasked with developing the approach for integration in Moray.

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