FOI Request - Taxi Driver Licenses - Criminal Convictions

Request 101000262094

Full details of the number of taxi driver licences issued to individuals with previous criminal convictions in the past 7 years.  Please include:

- The number of licences issued to drivers with past convictions since January 1 2007 up until the date this request was received. Please provide yearly breakdowns.

- Full details of past convictions - including the nature of the crime committed, the years in which offences were carried out, length of sentence served etc.

Response 04-07-2014

We are unable to provide the information as requested. 

We would be able to provide a yearly breakdown of licences issued but to also provide convictions would involve going into every record and checking to see if the person has any convictions. It is estimated that there would be approximately 200 records per year (over 1400 records going back to 2007), which would take far more time to do than the current guidelines under the Act allows for (40 hours). Even by looking at individual records it is not certain to elicit the information requested, as information from the Police does not always include details of the sentence.  In addition there may have been decisions made in respect of cases either ignoring or taking account of convictions that were considered as spent.

We do not have details of length of sentence served, etc as you have requested.  We minutes of the Licensing Committee online dating back to 2007, which would show taxi drivers who had a licence granted irrespective of having convictions.  This would not show what the conviction was.  For example, there are instances where someone who has a fairly minor conviction had their licence granted without going to Committee. 

We have asked Police Scotland if they are able to provide this information but unfortunately they have no way of doing this either.

Taking the foregoing into account, this request is exempt under Section 12, 1(1), excessive cost of compliance, and Section 17, Information not held.

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