FOI Request - Personal Alarms

Request 101000261687


We are making a request under the above Act for information relating to the issue and use of personal alarms to and by your employees.

In particular, we require the following information:- Information including sight of any written or electronic communication detailing the issuing of personal alarms to members of staff. In addition, a list of the staff members who are given them along with copies of the procedures in place for use.

Response 24-07-2014

Personal Alarms are available to staff in Housing & Property Services, and include Design Services and Housing Services; also available in Revenues Section, Social Work, Trading Standards and Planning & Development. We hold no written or electronic communication about the issue of personal alarms to council staff.

Lone Working Policy can be found here.

Homeless Hostels have alarm systems in place to protect staff.  The information can be found here.

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