FOI Request - Street Lighting (2)

Request 101000260927

Q1  How many street lights do you have?

Q2  How many of the Total are;
a)    LED
b)    HPS Sodium Lamps
c)    LPS Sodium Lamps

Q3  What is your electricity costs per Kwh for street lighting?

Q4  The Council's annual electricity spend?

Q5  The average annual maintenance cost for a single street light?

Q6  Contact details for the person responsible for street lighting wthin your area?

Q7  Do you have a contract with an external service provider for street lighting?

Q8  Please provide contact details for your external service provider?

Q9  Has your Council set targets or adopted a policy to change from Sodium lamps to LED luminaires?

Q10  If Q9 is yes please provide details?

Q11 Has your Council set any targets or policies for adopting intelligent street lighting systems?

Q12  If Q11 is yes please provide details?

Response 09-07-2014

1. 17,445

2a. 46

b. 7,117

c. 7,067

3. £0.0968

4. £591,163.64

5. n/a

6. Mr Bill Ross, Road Maintenance Manager, 01343 567303

7. No

8. n/a

9. yes

10. All new work will use LED lanterns

11. yes

12. Dimming by 1 class where achievable

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