FOI Request - Planning Applications Supermarkets - Legal Costs

Request 101000260534

Information concerning the amount of money spent by the council on legal services in relation to supermarket planning applications in the past five financial years (2009/10 - 2013/14).

1. The total amount of money spent in each of the past five financial years on legal services related to supermarkets. For example: “In 2011/12 the council spent £X on legal services in relation to planning proposals submitted by supermarkets.”

• Where possible, please break down of each annual amount into the following categories
The application number and/or details of the planning application that money on legal services was spent. For example: “£X was spent on legal fees on planning application no. X which related to a proposed Tesco development on X Street.”

Whether any portion of the monies expended were used on legal services during the process of appeals made by the applicant. For example: “In 2009/10, £X was spent on legal fees in relation to Tesco’s appeal to the planning inspectorate over the refusal of planning application no.X”

Where the monies have been spent on legal fees in appeal processes please, where possible, stipulate whether the fees relate to those of the appellant (where the appellant has been awarded costs) or those of the council.

By “supermarkets” I mean Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and Morrisons.

Response 26-06-2014

We have had no supermarket applications submitted and determined in the last 5 financial years.

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