FOI Request - Occupational Therapy Team Stair Lift

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1. How many people were assessed by your Occupational Therapy team in 2013 to see if they required a stairlift?

2. What proportion of the people that were assessed in 2013, were found to require a stairlift?

3. Please could you break down the people that needed a stairlift into the following eight age categories? <16, 16 to 24, 25 to 34, 35 to 44, 45 to 54, 55 to 64, 65 to 74, 75 +

4. What proportion of the people that were assessed in 2013 and who were deemed to require a stairlift, had the stairlift installed using a Disabled Facilities Grants (or equivalent) and what proportion funded the installation privately?

5. What medical requirements have to be met for a person to be deemed to need a stairlift? How is this assessed?

6. What are the main illnesses that people suffer from that mean they require a stairlift?

7. Which stairlift manufacturer(s) do you use to supply and install stairlifts?

8. When a stairlift was installed using grant/public funding, what proportion of stairlifts were installed in council houses and what proportion were installed in private homes (in 2013)?

9. What was your total spend on stairlift units and installation in 2012 and 2013, and how much was your total spend on stairlift maintenance? Please name your stairlift provider (and installer if different)

10. How much was your total spend with your stairlift provider in 2012 and 2013 (including any other mobility aids they may have sold you)?

11. EITHER What were your average stairlift maintenance and servicing costs per unit in 2013, who carried out this work and how often was a service carried out per unit? OR If you have a servicing contract please detail the supplier, price, duration and briefly what is covered under this servicing agreement

12. What other (if any) activities do you ask your stairlift installer to perform when they are in a client’s property?

13. What proportion of the stairlifts where you arrange for the installation are bought first-hand, bought second-hand or leased?

14. What proportion of the stairlifts where you arrange for the installation are straight, curved or outdoor?

15. What is the average price you pay for a stairlift (straight vs curved vs outdoor)?

16. What’s the typical duration that a stairlift will be installed for in a single property?

Response 02-07-2014

The information you requested can be found here.

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