FOI Request - Disability Friendly Housing 2

Request 101000258892

Please find below a number of questions relating to disability friendly housing to be considered under the Freedom of Information Act.  In response to the questions below marked with a [*], please include figures for both publicly and privately funded/owned properties if possible, and specify which you are providing if both figures are not available.

Where we refer to ‘disabled people’, we are referring to the definition included in the Equality Act 2010:

“You’re disabled under the Equality Act 2010 if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.”

Where we refer to ‘supported living’ we are referring to: housing for people with a disability (which the tenant rents or owns) with support options available and provided by the same, or a separate organisation.  This would not include residential care services and or “shared lives” (adult placement) schemes.

1. *How many Section 75 agreements have you entered into over the past three years?
a. How many of those agreements required the construction of (i) wheelchair accessible homes  and/or (ii) Lifetime Homes Standard  in each of the last three years?
b. How many of these agreements were (i) fulfilled in full, or (ii) amended to allow for a cash payment in lieu of building obligations?

2. Please provide figures for the following:

a) How much Scheme of Assistance money has been awarded to households in each of the past three years for the purpose of adapting a home for a disabled person or reinstating a property that's been adapted previously?
b) How much money has been spent by local authorities adapting homes owned by the local authority or housing association (social housing) for disabled people or reinstating a property that's been adapted previously?

3. Have you made any estimate regarding the additional cost of social care or health support required as a result of inadequate/inaccessible housing?
a. If so, please provide those estimates.

4. What proportion of staff currently employed in your Housing Department has received disability equality training?

5. How many supported living placements are there in your local authority area? Of these, (a) how many are currently occupied? (b) how many are currently vacant?

6. How many adults with eligible care needs in your area live in supported living schemes?

7. How many Home Improvement Agencies, if any, operate in your local authority area?

Response 16-07-2014

1. None

2.a. 2011/12 £496k
2012/13 £574k
2013/14 £516k

2b. 2011/12 £404k
2012/13 £626k
2013/14 £493k

Moray Council does not re-instate properties that have been adapted.

3. Not as yet. We are currently undertaking this task as part of a wider evaluation of social care in relation to those with Learning Disabilities in Moray. We are looking at what provision we have, what the requirement is and as a result will be able to put an educated figure to this.

4. 107 individuals have completed online training.  The training is a general introduction to the Equality Act 2010 which brought together all the previous bits of equality legislation, including the Disability Discrimination Act.  The training covered conduct prohibited by the Act (direct discrimination, indirect discrimination etc.) and reasonable adjustments.

5. There are 144 supported living placements in Learning Disability with 3 of them void at the current time.

6. 100% of adults with eligible care needs live in supported accommodation.

7. Not applicable to Scotland.

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