FOI Request - 101000257774

Request 101000257774

1. What is the savings challenge for the council over the next 3 years and will a reduction in staffing be necessary to achieve that?

2. What knowledge management/knowledge sharing activities are carried out within the council that are either in place or planned to limit the impact of the loss of experienced knowledgeable staff as part of the reduction of staff?

3. Where these knowledge retention activities are carried out are these corporate or service led and how much resources are dedicated to them?

4. Does the exit process for staff leaving include any knowledge transfer/sharing within it?

Response 04-07-2014

1.  The savings challenge for the Council for 2014/15 to 2016/17 is £16 million of which £7 million savings remains to be identified. Whilst a reduction in staffing may be necessary to achieve this, the Council will continue to manage staff vacancies and utilise natural turnover to minimise redundancies

2.  Succession Planning is part of the Council’s Workforce Plan and Strategy. 

See link below to recent report to Policy & Resources Committee on 15 April 2014 (Item 9).

3.  Knowledge retention activities are service led with guidance available from corporate HR section as required - unable to comment on level of resources dedicated to this.

4.  This would be managed by the manager, team leader or supervisor within each service area or team when it was identified that an employee was leaving and is supported by various policies such as the Change Management Policy and Procedures, Flexible Retirement Policy and the Recruitment & Selection Procedures when reviewing the requirements for a post.

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