FOI Request - Number of Applications to Schools

Request 101000257751

Under the Freedom of Information Act, please can you provide me with information about the number of applications for places at primary and secondary schools in the council area, primarily for schools where the local authority is responsible for admissions process but also any information held on applications to voluntary aided schools in the area.

Please provide the following information for applications for each school for admission to P1 for start in the following school years, 2014/15 and 2013/14
1. Name and school code number

2. Admission number or number of available places

3. Total applications received by closing date

4. Total number of applications received to date, if applicable.

5. Number of applications accepted for the school year (possibly provisional number for 2014/15)

If possible (and where applicable), please can you also provide information on the following:
1. The number of first preference applications for each school, as well as the number of second and third and so on applications received by closing date

2. The number of successful first, second, third etc. preference applications for each school (provisional where applicable)

Response 04-07-2014

1.  The information you requested can be found here

2   N/A to Moray Council

3.  N/A to Moray Council

4.  N/A to Moray Council

5.  N/A to Moray Council - the information supplied for Q1 includes the enrolments for 2013/14 and the provisional enrolments for 2014/15

Subsequent Q1 and Q2 are N/A to Moray Council

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