FOI Request - Availability of Housing

Request 101000256621

1.  How many people have been on housing waiting lists in each of the past 5 years?

2.  How many referrals have been received under all regulations available in the past 5 years?

3.  How much of your council budget is allocated to new housing for the current financial year and next? (2014/15 and 2015/16)

4.  How many affordable homes have been built within your local authority in the past 5 years and how many affordable homes do you plan to build between now and 2016?

5. How many eviction notices have been served within your local authority in the past 5 years?

6. What information on clients do you share with housing associations?

Response 07-07-2014

1. As at 31st March the total number of people on housing waiting list for each of the past 5 years is shown below:
2009/2010         2945
2010/2011         2897
2011/2012         2544
2012/2013         3397
2013/2014         3666

2. Referrals has been taken as the number of requests received from registered social landlord (housing associations) seeking nominations from the Council’s Waiting list for their vacant properties.

Year                 Nominations Received
2009/2010         113
2010/2011         219
2011/2012         178
2012/2013         151
2013/2014         159

3. 2014/15 £7.591m
    2015/16 £9.102m

4. The information your requested can be found here.

5. We can only answer this in respect of eviction notices served by the Moray Council. Based on data between 2009/10 and 2013/14, the Moray Council was awarded 91 decrees for repossession and asked legal services to arrange eviction 65 times.

6. When Moray Council tenants wish to exchange properties with housing association tenants, the Council will respond to a reference request from the housing association. This will include information about how well a tenant has fulfilled their obligations under their tenancy agreement.

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