FOI Request - Social Media

Request 101000254011

1.  Which social media management tools do you use to manage your social media (e.g. hootsuite, tweetdeck, twitter, facebook, crowdcontrolHQ etc).

2.  If using a paid-for service when does the contract finish?

3.  If using a paid-for service how much does this cost on either a monthly or annual basis?

4.  Which departments actively use social media in your organisation? (e.g. control room, contact centre, corporate communication)

5.  Do you collaborate with any other organisations or agencies to share service with social media management - if yes, who are these organisations?

6.  Please provide the contact name and email address of the person responsible for social media in your organisation

Response 11-06-2014

1. Hootsuite

2. N/A

3. N/A

4. Corporate communication
Libraries & Museums
Trading Standards
Sports Development
Community Learning & Development
Moray Childcare Partnership
Education – Active Schools, Moray Music Centre

5. Police Scotland

6. Peter Jones, PPR & Communications Officer -

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