FOI Request - Home Based Social Care - Vulnerable Adults

Request 101000252441

Your Authority (in Scotland) is responsible for providing home-based social care (also called domiciliary social care) to vulnerable adults. I am enquiring only about your use of externally procured/ commissioned homecare service providers. Regarding service user types, I am enquiring about all types: learning disability, elderly, mental health, physical disability, dementia, etc. Regarding service user age, I am enquiring about all service users aged 18 or above. I am NOT enquiring about residential social care, residential nursing care, or health care in the community.

1. What is the hourly rate you currently pay service providers to provide homecare services:
  a) average hourly rate for all service providers?
  b) lowest hourly rate for the service provider paid the least per hour?
  c) highest hourly rate for the service provider paid the most per hour?

2a. How many service users were provided homecare services during 2013/14?
2b. How many homecare packages of care were provided during 2013/14?

3. What was the total volume of homecare hours provided during 2013/14?

4. What was the total expenditure on homecare (excluding via direct payments) provided during:
  (i) 2011/12?
  (ii) 2012/13?
  iii) 2013/14?

5. What was the total Direct Payments expenditure (on homecare, day care, other care, etc ... ie all types of uses) in:
  (i) 2011/12?
  (ii) 2012/13?
  iii) 2013/14?

6. Sometimes a service user is in hospital, or is in an interim care bed in a residential home, awaiting to go back home. But it is not possible to find a homecare service provider who has capacity, or who agrees to provide the service. As a result the service user is stuck, and cannot go home, because they are awaiting homecare. Other people are living at home but need homecare services, but no service provider has agreed to provide the care; so again the service user is awaiting homecare.
  a. At this moment right now, how many service users do you have awaiting homecare?

7. How many homecare service providers do you use currently (i.e. that your Authority has a live contract with them to provide homecare services)?

8. List the names of the homecare service providers that provide:
  a) an initial intensive reablement service
  b) an ongoing reablement service (i.e. after the service user has received a period of intensive reablement)
  c) a service where your Authority sets outcomes (instead of Time & Task) that the service provider then has to achieve

9. List the top ten service providers that you spend the most money on each year.

10. State the name, job title and email address for the officer who manages the homecare contracts for your Authority?

Response 10-06-2014

1. a) £14.31  B) £12.49   c) £16.65

2.a) 554    b) 833

3. 228,673.7

4.(i) 1712577   (ii) 1783351   (iii) 2152356

5.(i) 1209388   (ii) 1640776   (iii) 1600762

6. 47

7. 4

8.a. None   b. None   c. None

9. Allied Healthcare, Crossroads Caring, Absolute Care, Cornerstone

10. Roddy Huggan, Commissioning & Performance Manager,

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