FOI Request - Discretionary Housing Payments 2013-14

Request 101000250504

In all cases I am referring to financial years:

1. How much money was allocated to your local authority by the Government for Discretionary Housing Payments in 2013/2014

2. How much of that funding your local authority paid out in Discretionary Housing Payments in 2013/14

3. If your local authority did not pay out the full amount allocated by the government for Discretionary Housing Payments, how much of the total allocation was not spent in 2013/14. Please give this figure as a numerical total and as a percentage of the total allocation for 2013/14.

4. If your local authority underspent the funds provided for Discretionary Housing Payments in 2013/14, please provide details of where the underspent funds were reallocated.

Response 29-05-2014

1.  Department for Work & Pensions - £252,230

     Scottish Government                     - £374,539

     Total                                             - £626,769


2.  £181,444


3.   Department for Work & Pensions monies not spent - £ 70,786

      Scottish Government monies not spent                     - £374,539

      Total monies not spent                                             - £445,325 = 71%


4.   Department for Work & Pensions monies not spent returned to DWP Scottish Government monies not spent held in general fund and reserved for Welfare 

      Reform mitigation plans.

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