FOI Request - Nuclear Material

Request 101000249211

1 What plans (if any) have you in the event of an accident involving the transport of irradiated nuclear material within your council area?

2 What other agencies (Governmental or otherwise) have been consulted in the preparation of any emergency planning for such an occurrence?

3 Has this plan (if any) led to any simulated practice exercise? If so, when was the last exercise carried out?

Response 22-05-2014

1   The Moray Council does not have a specific emergency plan for dealing with an incident as described in the question. The Council has a generic approach to Emergency Planning focussing on effect rather than cause. The exceptions to this are where specific risks are identified within the Community Risk Register as required by the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and Contingency Planning (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2013 and where it is deemed appropriate to produce a specific council plan to support any multi-agency plans. This register is currently under review as a result of the move from Strategic Coordinating Groups to Regional Resilience Partnerships.


2   The Moray Council works in partnership with all members of the North of Scotland Regional Resilience Partnership. Full members of the partnership are all emergency services, the NHS and SEPA.  Partners with a lesser responsibility include transport operators, utilities and the HSE.  Other partners with no formal responsibilities under legislation are the military, voluntary sector and also some private sector organisations. A multi-agency plan to which The Moray Council contribute covers (Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear (CBRN) and Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) incidents.  This plan is not owned or maintained by The Moray Council and is 'RESTRICTED' under the recently replaced Government Protective Marking Scheme.    


3.  As mentioned above, Moray Council does not have a specific plan for this type of incident which could be tested. They will participate or be represented in multi-agency exercises relating to the multi-agency CBRN/HAZMAT plan mentioned above.    The last exercise to test the plan took place on 27 February 2013.

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