FOI Request - Infestations in Schools

Request 101000249040

I would like full details of the following:

a) The number of infestations which have been dealt with in schools in the Moray Council area in the past three years, broken down by date, type of infestation, location, school, the time it took to clear the infestation and the cost of dealing with it.

b) For each of the incidents, details of whether external pest control contractors dealt with the infestation.

c) Details of any impact upon pupils' education.  

Response 28-05-2014

a) The information you requested can be found here.  Costs are included in a Service Level Agreement with Education and Social Care - 2011/12-£4,725 2012/13-£4,960 2013/14-£5,094 2014/15-£5,222.

b) No external contractors were employed to deal with infestations.

c) No reports of impact on pupil education.

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