FOI Request - Real Time Monitoring - Care At Home

Request 101000247580

1. Does the Council use a system for real time monitoring (for care at home delivered services)? If yes,

(a) who is the supplier of the solution?

(b) When did this contract start?

(c) When is this contract up for renewal (any role over clauses that will extend the contract)?

(d) How much did the Council pay in setup fees for this system:?

(e) How much does the Council pay (annually) for this system:?

(f) How much resource (in staffing and systems costs) does the council have to spend, per annum, in hosting and administrating this service?

Response 22-05-2014

(a)  Advanced Health & Care, Munro House, Portsmouth Road, Cobham, KT11 1TF

(b)  Commenced on 25th February 2013 for a period of 60 months (5 years), unless and until terminated sooner.

(c)  24th February 2018 The Authority may alter the duration of this Agreement, if so required, as a result of any change in the law applicable to the subject matter of the Agreement or to local authority procurement and contracting in general.

(d)  £34,723.02

(e)  £33,613

(f)   We have one system administrator

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