FOI Request - Domiciliary Care Services

Request 101000247575

1. How many hours of Domiciliary Care is being commissioned/delivered (per week)?

2. How many service users receive Domiciliary Care services (per week)?

3. How many Domiciliary Care visits are being commissioned/delivered (per week)?

4. How much does the Council spend on delivering these services (per week)?

5. What is the average hourly rate spent delivering this service (per week)?

6. What is the Councils total spend on Domiciliary care (per annum)?

7. What is the split of care delivery between in house/externally commissioned for Domiciliary Care?

Response 22-05-2014

1.  13,855 hours.

2.  1,278 service users

3.  16,845 visits

4.  £271,000

5.  £20

6.  £14,082,000

7.  70% In house/30% External

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