FOI Request - Council Run Swimming Pools

Request 101000246435

1) Does your council area have any council owned/run pools? - Please provide a list where applicable.

2) Please provide details of any unforeseen swimming pool closures over the last three years.  Please detail which pool, what happened, how long it was closed for and how it was rectified.

3) Please provide details of any guidance given to swimmers before entering the pool especially those with small children.

4) Please detail all costs of incurred to do with the unforeseen closures.

Response 08-05-2014

1. This information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; information otherwise accessible.  The information can be found here.

2. All have minor closures from time to time due to water contamination of either faecal matter or vomit. These are dealt with at the time with a minimum of closure and the staff follow a set procedure to deal with this.

The only other closure due to unforeseen problems was at Forres Swimming Pool. It was closed for 5 hours due to a major breakage in an underground electric cable. Rectified by Scottish Power restoring the cable.

3. Guidance to swimmers – notices displayed to advise of showering, overshoes provided for outdoor footwear, swim nappies sold at reception.

4. Approximately £100.00

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