FOI Request - Cycling Infrastructure

Request 101000245325

Could you please advise me of

1. length of roads in your control
a) where mandatory speed limit is 20mph or less
b) where mandatory speed limit is between 20 and 30mph
c) where mandatory speed limit is over 30mph.

2. length of pedestrian only footways (pavements)
3. length of shared cycle/walkers paths
4. length of advisory (dashed white line) on road cycleway
5. length of mandatory (white line) on road cycleway
6. length of off road/dedicated cycleway (could be at road edge but level change or kerb provides protection)
7. Number of on street cycle racks
8. Number of on street car parking spaces.

Response 22-05-2014

The lengths given are for assets on the Council’s List of Public Roads only, and therefore do not include other assets such as Housing footpaths, Sustrans cycle tracks etc within Moray

1(a)  0.296 km

1(b)  412.407 km (this is the length of road where the speed limit = 30 mph, we have no speed limits between 20 and 30 mph)

1(c)  1140.075 km

2   540.434 km as at 01/04/14

3   38.799 km as at 01/04/14

4   140

5    0

6    As for Q3, 38,799 km (we have 27.369 km of remote cycle track, but as these are shared cycle/pedestrian they have been included in Q3's answer above)

7    18

8    1332 


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