FOI Request - SEN Statement Assessments and School Exclusions

Request 101000245268

I am hoping you will be able to supply me with the following information under Freedom of Information.

It relates to exclusions and SEN statements and assessments from schools under LEA control.  This applies to both academies within the LEA and LEA maintained schools.  I have asked for the figures from the last academic year, but if there are no figures yet for 2012/2013, then I would appreciate the latest available figures and if you could please state from which year the figures relate.

How many requests were there for SEN statements assessments during 2012/2013 (or latest figures available)?

How many of these requests were from parents?

Were any requests for SEN statement assessments turned down?  If yes, how many?

If yes, how many parental requests for SEN statement assessments were turned down?

How many pupils were permanently excluded during the academic year ending in July 2013?

Did any of these pupils have a statement of educational needs – if yes, how many?

Were any of these pupils on School Action or School Action plus or Early School Action, Early School Action Plus?  If yes, how many?

How many of these pupils subsequently went into a Pupil Referral Unit?

Did any excluded pupils with any level of SEN including School Action categories subsequently receive LEA funding to attend a special school or independent school? If yes, how many?
Did any case involving an excluded pupil with SEN go to tribunal to obtain funding for independent education? If yes, how many?

What is the percentage of pupils in Pupil Referral Units within the LEA achieving 5 GCSE passes (A*-G) what is the percentage achieving 5 GCSE passes (A*-C) in the last year for which results figures are available? Please state for which year the figures relate.

Response 02-05-2014

This information is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.  In  Scotland we do not have Statements of Need.

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