FOI Request - Residential Properties Information

Request 101000244349

For the council area and for the most recent date available,

a) The total number of residential properties (both private and public sector);

b) The number of residential properties currently unoccupied;  

c) The number of residential properties which have been unoccupied for six months or more;  

d) The number of families currently registered as homeless. (‘Families’ could be one-person).

Response 20-05-2014

a) Public Sector - As at 6 May 2014 the Moray Council has 5996 properties in its housing stock

Total Residential Properties at as 21 May 2014: 43,694

b) Public Sector - As at 7 May 2014 there are 102 Moray Council properties void (unoccupied).  Of this 1 has been allocated as temporary accommodation, 53 are not available for re-let due to modernisation, 2 properties are in a low demand area and 45 are normal  letting stock currently unoccupied.

Private Sector - 1,873.

c) Public Sector – As at 14 May 2014 1 Moray Council Property has been void for 6 months or more.

Private Sector - 1,212.

d) As at 6 May 2014 there are 80 households on The Moray Council’s Homeless Priority List.

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