FOI Request - Tagging

Request 101000243406

This is a Freedom of Information request regarding the use of tags to keep elderly people safe.

1.Has the council issued tags for older people and if so who is/was eligible? Is it just people over a certain age or those with dementia or Alzheimer’s for example?

2.How many people have been given tags and can you break the numbers down for each year in which tags were issued.

3.Do the tags use GPS tracking – if not, how does the technology work, and are the tags carried or worn?

4.Do the tags set off an alarm if the people with them stray outside of a certain radius? What is the radius?

5.Who is made aware if the people stray out of the given area and can relatives monitor it on their smart phones or computers?

6.Can the tags be given to people, such as the elderly or with dementia, without their permission? Can they be given to people without their relatives’ permission?

Response 07-05-2014

1. We do not use 'tags'.  We do supply Emergency Locator Trackers for selected clients following careful assessment.  It is not just for older people or people with dementia, our service is for any adult with an assessed need.

2. We currently have 5 service users with a tracker.  In 2013 and 2012 we had between 5-3 service users with trackers.

3. The Emergency Locator Trackers do use GPS.  Depending which style of Emergency Locator Tracker is selected, some are carried and some can be worn on a lanyard, neck cord.

4. The Emergency Locator Trackers do have the function to recognise a “safe zone” and raise an alert if the tracker goes outwith this area.  This function is not activated for every user and is used only where there is an assessed need and with consent.  The radius is different depending on the agreed “safe zone” for each user.

5. It depends how the tracker is programmed depending on each user’s assessed needs.  The Emergency Locator Trackers will raise an alert to a dedicated monitoring centre who in turn will contact agreed responders (usually relatives - usually by telephone call).  Some trackers can also raise an alert direct to a relative’s mobile phone (e.g. by text or by telephone call).  Some trackers do have the ability to email a responder as well, although we have not used this function.

6. In Moray consent is always required for the provision of an Emergency Locator Tracker, this is either from the client or their legal guardian or appointed Power of Attorney.

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