FOI Request - Electric Cars

Request 101000242720

Under Freedom of Information, I would like to know if your council own any electric cars.

If so, could you tell me:

1)      How many, and what make are they?
2)      When were they a) purchased and b) put into use by the council?
3)      What was the total cost of obtaining these cars?
4)      How much did the council pay towards this cost? If some/all of the cost was met from elsewhere (i.e a Government grant), from where, and for how much?
5)      What is the current mileage on each of your electric cars?

Response 23-04-2014

1)  One Peugeot Ion (pool car for general use)

2)  (a)  July 2011  (b)  August 2011

3)  £8,495

4)  (a) £8,495 (b) £19,171 Scottish Government grant

5)  7937 @ 31 March 2014

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