FOI Request - Vacant Shops

Request 101000242712

1. Can you please tell me how many shops there are vacant in the local authority area.

2. How many shops are there in total?

3. On the council’s main high street, how many shops are vacant and how many occupied (please specify the name of the town/city and high street)?

4. In the past five years, how many shops have gone out of business and can you tell me which type of shops they were. How many shops were vacant five years ago?  

5. What is the longest period of time that a shop has lain vacant in the council area? Where is that shop and what was it last before being abandoned?

6. What is the average rent charged for a shop by the council in its main high street? And how much has this gone up by in the last five years?

Response 29-04-2014

Qs 1- 5 - we do not keep records of High Street shops, which are almost exclusively privately owned and managed. The Valuation Roll (which is available online at gives details of who owns and occupies commercial properties. This information is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

Q 6 - the Council has no High Street properties being used as shops.

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