FOI Request - Looked After Children

Request 101000242148

1.  Numbers of looked after children in your authority, broken down by type of accommodation
2.  Numbers of disabled looked after children in your authority
3.  Numbers of disabled young people who have short breaks and how many of these are defined as ‘looked after’

Please also provide information on the following....

1.  How many disabled children have pathway plans in your authority? If they do not have pathway plans, what plans are used by the local authority around throughcare and aftercare assessment for this group of children?
2.  Who is responsible for undertaking this assessment?
3.  Do disabled looked after children have pathway co-ordinators?
4.  How are young disabled looked after children and young people involved in this process?
5.  How is the local authority providing information on self directed support for disabled care leavers?

Response 16-05-2014

Placement Status as at 29 April 2014 No. of Children
Looked after at Home under Supervision Order 45
Foster Care by Local Authority Foster Carer 76
Foster Care purchased by Local Authority 17
Residential care within Moray 14
Other Residential (excluding Residential Schools) 8
Residential School 9
Secure Accommodation 2
Kinship Care 33
With Prospective Adopters 3



Looked after children who are disabled                                                      25

TCAC do not have any disabled young people on pathway plans nor do they act as pathway coordinators for children with a disability.  Children with a disability generally stay with social work and then move straight into adult services as the service they require is more than TCAC can provide.

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