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Request 101000241743

1. Does your organisation insure with Zurich Municipal via their select group of policies ?      Yes/No

2. If yes, does your organisation have an All Risks - Part K policy under the Select group of policies ?      Yes/No

There are 2 versions of this policy in existence. An older document which has been in existence for over 25yrs and a newer policy which came into existence several years ago.  To determine which policy you have it will be necessary to look at the page numbers in the Select Property Module itself.  Please note that the all risks policy schedules are not the same thing.  You should have a copy of the select Property Module in your insurance section or have access to a copy which is applicable to the version of the policy you have.  The page numbers of where the All Risks Park K policy is contained within the Select Property Module will indicate which policy you have and I have highlighted these in bold to assist you.  The questions are:

3. Is your cover arranged via the older All Risks - Part K policy (page no 32 or 37 in Select Property Module)      Yes/No

4. Is your cover arranged via the newer All Risks policy which has (Part K on page 48 and Part K (a) on page 51 in Select Property Module)      Yes/No   

5. does your organisation have any art galleries or museums which rely on cover via 3 or 4 above            Yes/No

6. All Councils at one time were covered via the older version of this All Risks - Part K policy.  If you are now insured via the newer version in 4 above can you indicate the approx year (ie 2011/2012) that you switched to the newer version.  Your insurance section should be aware of this or they can easily find out.

Response 24-04-2014

1.  Yes

2.  Yes

3.  No

4.  Yes

5.  Yes

6.  2013/14

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