FOI Request - Sickness Absence

Request - 101000238292

1. I would like to request the following information…What was the total number of working
days lost for your organisation due to sickness absence in the last financial year? April 2013- March 2014 and may I request, that your reply be broken down to reflect you organisations structure of Directorates, for example a council might have Adult Care Services, Child Care Services, Waste and Highways Services etc.

2. What was the Total number of employees (also known as average Head Count) from April 2013 to end of March 2014 and broken down into directorates as in your reply to Q1.

3. What was the average FTE staff numbers to reflect your organisations structure as laid out in Q1 covering time period from April 2013 to end of March 2014 March

Example of Data expected for questions 1, 2 & 3 to be supplied in separate excel document not embedded in an word document or PDF file

Department/Division Head Count FTE Days lost to sickness
Example Department A Example 1000 Example 950 Example 6527.3
Example Department B
Example Department C
Example Department D
Example Department E

5. What was the total cost of temporary and or cover staff for your organisation from April 2013 to March 2014

6 During the period April 2013 to March 2014 what was the percentage of return to work interviews held and documented on:

(A) The day the employee returned

(B) The week the employee returned to work but NOT on the first day

(C) Outside the first week or not held at all.

RTW meeting Held % of RTW
Day employee returns to work
RTW meeting held in first week but not on day employee returned
RTW interview held outside of first seven days or not held at all

Please NOTE

If you do not have the data covering the whole time period ready within the FOI 20 day deadline
please supply the data for the first three quarters of the time period April 2013 to March 2014 and then update me with the rest when the information is available.

I require that the data is supplied in an Excel format, feel free to contact me if you require any clarification.

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