FOI Request - Street Lights

Request 101000238823

1.  How many streetlights is your council responsible for?

2.  How many faults with streetlights were reported to your council in 2013?

3.  In 2013, how much time on average elapsed between the reporting of a fault with a streetlight and its resolution?

4.  What was the longest delay between the reporting of a streetlight problem and its resolution?

5.  How many streetlights were currently not functioning, or partly functioning, on 26 March in your area?

6.  Does your council turn off streetlights during certain hours of the night? If yes, please provide specific times of when this occurs. If no, does the council intend to?

7.  If yes, how many complaints has the council received about streetlights being off during night-time hours?

Response 22-04-2014

1.         17,445 streetlights

2.         3,484 faults

3.         3.49 days

4.         210.29 days

5.         113 faults (24th March, no data for 26th March)

6.         No lights turned off and no lights planned to be turned off.

7.         N/A.

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