FOI Request - Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping

Request 101000237691

1.     How much did your organisation spend on grounds maintenance & landscaping services in 2013?
a.     If 2013 calendar year is unavailable, please state for most recent 12-month period where data is available
b.     Where spend is part of a broader multi-service contract, please provide an estimate of spend on grounds maintenance & landscaping services only  

2.     How much of this spend was directed to outsourced service providers?

3.     Where spend is outsourced, and for all contracts where spend is larger than £20k:
a.     Who currently provides your grounds maintenance & landscaping services?
b.    What other services (besides grounds maintenance and landscaping, if any) are included in the contract?
c.     What is the total annual value of the contract (for all services provided)?
d.    When did the contract start?
e.     When does this contract end?
f.     Who provided you with these services prior to the start of this current contract?

Response 28-04-2014

1.   £1,641,662

1a.  N/A

1b.  N/A.

2.   £25,705 (tree works and play equipment).

3.   N/A.

3a.  In-house.

3b.  Ranger Services, Burial Grounds.

3c.  £2,048,718

3d.  N/A

3e.  N/A.

3f.  In-house.

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