FOI Request - Fuel Poverty

Request 101000237449

1.  How much money has been allocated by the Scottish Government to your local authority for 2013/14 to tackle fuel poverty.

2.  How much of that money in 1 above was spent by 31 March 2014.

3.  If the budget was underspent for 2013/14, can the Council carry forward this underspend.

4.  What ECO funding has been spent on local authority fuel poverty initiatives for 2013/14.

5.  What outcomes were achieved for 2013/14 as a result of the money allocated by the Scottish Government and specifically how many households were assisted and what measures were provided.

Response 21-04-2014

1.  £787,185 of Home Energy Efficiency Scotland (HEEPS) funding

2.  £17k

3.  Yes, the Council has until 30 September 2014 to complete 2013/14 programme measures and until 30 October 2014 to claim grant for completed measures.

4.  £7,257

5.  It is anticipated that the 2013/14 programme will deliver a total of 507 measures: 107 external wall insulations, 55 cavity wall insulations, 75 loft insulations and     270 heating upgrades

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